The Nova programme is designed to develop language, literacy and numeracy skills by exploring a range of topics in an “ever-expanding universe” pattern. Our themes move from things within the immediate environment to ever-more distant objects, including elements of the imagined and conceptual worlds along the way.

Learning materials are developed with our children’s complex communication needs in mind. We use a range of tools to enable children to access learning opportunities to grow their skills.

Our assessments are observation inventory based. This means that we reflect on our children’s progress at set intervals throughout the year to determine milestones reached and goals for the weeks ahead. Each child’s progress is measured against him-/herself.

Each child’s activities are directed according to their individualised education plan (IEP). This is set up in discussion with every family at the start of each school year and reviewed every six months.

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“Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss