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Learning Programmes

The Satellite Program

The Satellite Program (Home-based learning) follows the themes and activities of main campus and is ideal for learners who live far away or are unable to attend face-to-face class. Support for at-home learning facilitators (compees) is offered by our class lead and satellite learners are encouraged to join the classroom for morning circle time over zoom.

The Station Programme

For existing or newly established groups of learners at schools or off-campus locations, we offer a Station Programme which gives educators and compees access to the Nova themes, learning opportunities and the Nova New support network for up to six (6) learners.

The Campus Programme

Face-to-Face learning takes place at our Pretoria campus for children between the ages of 4 and 10 years. Classes are limited to 6 learners and children must have complex communication needs with accompanying physical disabilities.

Please note: Nova learners require 24-hour care to ensure that their physical, sensory and safety needs are met. Our classroom model is built around the learning unit of the child and his/her carer. At Nova we call the adult accompanying a child to school a “compee”. The term is derived from the technical term communication partner and refers to an able-bodied adult who fulfils the role of personal carer, communication partner and safekeeper throughout the school day. Compees are nominated or employed by the family of the learner and supported in the classroom by the Classroom Lead (learning and communication-related activities) and the Classroom Assistant (care-related activities).

Please note that acceptance on campus is determined by classroom capacity and the disability configuration of the group. Preference will be given to learners who are accompanied by a compee as this facilitates carryover of activities and learning between home and school and ensures an optimal learning environment for the child during the school day.

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