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Teaching With Alternative Communication

Who We Are

Nova is an educational programme for non-verbal children with complex communication needs accompanying physical disabilities head-quartered in Pretoria East, South Africa. Our children express themselves using a combination of natural methods and alternative communication technologies.

At Nova, we believe that:

At Nova, we are rethinking how we educate children with complex communication needs in our modern context of digital-based learning, Covid-19 social distancing and the economic reality of families whose children have special needs.

Nova offers campus-, home- and station-based learning opportunities for children with complex communication needs across South Africa. Our ever-growing curriculum offers children who use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) the opportunity to develop language, literacy and numeracy for life.

English accompanied by AAC is the language of Nova. This means that we communicate with children using spoken and modelled language. “Modelling” is what verbal communication partners do when they speak and use AAC at the same time.


Nova School is a dynamic learning community that aims to empower students to reach their full potential.


Discover our comprehensive range of programmes designed to cater to every student's needs and interests.

Our Shine

By instilling core values of self-determination, agency, creativity, communicative intent, and confidence in our students, we empower them to become successful individuals.

Why Nova?


At Nova we give children access to education and autonomy with the use of AAC methods.

We give them the opportunity to shine brightly and be seen and heard by the world.

Why AAC?

At Nova we give children access to education and autonomy with the use of AAC.
We give them the opportunity to shine brightly and be seen and heard by the world.

What Our Parents Say

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Join our community of supporters and help Nova School provide high-quality education to our students. Your donation will directly impact our students’ lives, empowering them to communicate, learn, and achieve their fullest potential. Donate today and help us continue to shape the future for our exceptional students!

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