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Coaching and Therapy

AAC Coaching

In addition to its education programme, Nova offers AAC coaching services. Our coaches have a tertiary level qualification and/or experience in AAC and are available to assist families with learning to use AAC effectively at home. ​ If your child has not been assessed by an AAC specialist, Nova recommends an AAC assessment with a coach prior to starting the Nova programme. Recommendations from this assessment will be passed on to the classroom lead for implementation where possible. ​ Please note that AAC coaching is an additional service. Coaching services are non-clinical and not covered by medical aid.


On our Nova campus, we work with the children’s therapists to implement their recommendations in the classroom because we recognise the crucial role that therapists play in helping children to reach their potential. Although therapeutic services are not included in the Nova school subscription, our campus has a therapy gym and the children’s therapists are encouraged to come and treat them at school if possible. ​ You may wonder why therapy is not included in the school fees. The simplest reason is that school is school and therapy is therapy; they have two different goals. School is largely about “getting the outside in” by teaching kids and stimulating their curiosity to learn more so that they can become participating members of society. Therapy is more about “getting the inside out” – it is focussed on the individual and addressing their point of need from a body-brain perspective. ​ For example, at school your child will have opportunities to move and play, but physiotherapy will work specifically on helping to improve walking or address posture. At school, your child will have the opportunity to sit and learn but the occupational therapist will work with your child to determine optimal seating and help them improve how they process sights, sounds, smells, and movement coming from the world around them. A speech-language therapist is also necessary to address your child’s personal language development. School gives school-related vocabulary, but there is a whole world of language that your child needs at home and in other contexts. Speech language therapists also work with chewing and swallowing difficulties. ​ The one therapy we do provide as part of the school Campus Programme is group music therapy once a week with a contracted music therapist.

Embrace the unique way your child is blooming - even if it’s not in the garden you imagined.

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